Posting Bail While Social Distancing

by | May 8, 2020 | Bail Bonds

Posting bail is truly important for us, and we know it’s important for you. In this blog post, we will offer a resource on posting bail while social distancing. 

With maintaining social distance a concern, you may find it challenging to conveniently post bail for your loved one without needless interaction. That’s why our bail bond company has measured approaches to maintaining appropriate measures to ensure a convenient and safe bail bonds process. We will adhere to your wants and needs for your safety and ours. If for any reason, there’s a concern with social distancing, we will make sure to follow best practices that will keep us all safe during this time. 

We strive to ensure that you know we are here to keep you safe, and will always work with our clients to give them the sense of security they need to get their loved ones out of jail. 

Social Distancing

“Social distancing”—it’s something that is new to our modern vernacular but feels as old as time since time seems to have decided to stand still since March. But what is social distancing? The CDC defines it as keeping a set space between each other when out of the house. They suggest you do the following: 

  • Stay at least 6 feet apart
  • Do not gather in large groups
  • Stay out of crowded spaces 

The CDC recommends that this is one of the best tools to combat an infectious virus. 

Social Distancing With Alliance Bail Bonds

During this time (and any time, really), if you have a friend or loved one behind bars, you want to make sure you get them out and home safely as soon as possible; that means that you want to post bail as soon and as safely as possible. With social distancing with Alliance Bail Bonds, we can do just that. That’s why we encourage all of our prospective clients to make sure you give us a call at 386-257-5116, so we can get the processes rolling. 

On our call, we will take the time to discuss the best practices to safely adhere to when dealing with the situation at hand, and potential concerns about social distancing with Alliance Bail Bonds due to the Coronavirus.

Make sure that when you give us a call, you have your friend or love one’s first and last name, date of birth, where they are being detained, and their middle initial if they have one.

On our call, we will discuss best practices to safely adhere to when dealing with the situation at hand. Once all the paperwork is done, your agent will post the bond at the detention center. We will then go over any needed information and paperwork for the completion of the process. 

About Alliance Bail Bonds 

Now that you have a resource on posting bail while social distancing if you need a bail bondsman, be sure to give us a call here at Alliance Bail Bonds. For more than 25 years, Alliance Bail Bonds has been serving the greater Central Florida area, from Volusia County to Flagler County, from Deltona to Daytona. 

So if you have a friend behind bars, you will need a dependable bondsman to assist in posting bail. Here at Alliance Bail Bonds, we are your reliable bondsman for bail bonds in Volusia County. Contact us today!