Obtaining Your Release and Maintaining Your Safety While Detained

by | Jul 27, 2022 | Bail Bonds

Being arrested is a frightening and perplexing procedure, especially if you’ve never encountered legal troubles before. Knowing the steps involved, who to contact, and how to obtain bail will help you get released as soon as possible. You’ll also want to learn how to keep safe while in custody and cooperate with law enforcement to avoid getting into greater problems.

Here are the people you should call to obtain your release and some tips on how to cooperate with the police to keep safe, so you don’t have to spend a night in jail while you wait for a loved one to post bail.

Contact a Bail Bondsman

Get a guard or cop to use the phone. Call a close friend or family member to post bail in Dayotna Beach, Florida if you are only permitted one phone call. The bail bondsman will then work with the police to obtain your release, so your loved one should get in touch with them. The bail bondsman will make a call to the jail to confirm that you are being held there and to find out how much your bail is.

To assist in securing your release, your loved one will need to sign paperwork with a bail bondsman. The bail agency will need to be paid in accordance with the law in order to secure your release. For instance, the cost is 10% of your bond amount or $100, whichever is more, in Volusia County.

The sooner a bail bondsman can be contacted by you or a loved one, the sooner you will be freed from detention. By using this strategy, you can keep your time in detention to a few hours rather than a whole day or overnight.

Ask About a Single Cell or Holding Area

As you wait for your bail bond to be posted, inquire with the police whether there is a single cell or holding area that will allow you to be by yourself. It’s for your own security. If this isn’t possible and you find yourself in a detention cell among other defendants, keep your mouth shut and your composure. Only speak to the police, and avoid establishing eye contact.

Never be hostile to the police or other prisoners. You might be viewed as a threat by inmates, and the police might file extra charges against you. Aggressive behavior may also result in handcuffing, which is done for both the officer’s and the other defendants’ security. You might be exposed as a result, which would make your time in jail very miserable.

How to Speak to the Officers

The officers are there to protect you, themselves, and the other prisoners. Never threaten them, always follow their instructions, and speak to them respectfully. For instance, when you speak with the police, look them in the eyes, respond to their inquiries nicely, and maintain eye contact. Most critical, don’t resist the guards or the cops in any way.

But be aware that even if you’re being held, you have rights. This includes the freedom to refuse to provide any information, even about past crimes. You could unintentionally implicate oneself by answering a straightforward, seemingly innocent question. Instead, gently state that you prefer to withhold information about the case until your attorney is present if the police inquire about the crime with which you are charged.

The best approach to make sure you are safe and released as soon as possible if you are ever detained and put into jail is to know what to do, including calling a bail agency. For more information, speak to the professionals at Alliance Bail Bonds in Volusia County at 386-257-5116 or visit our website at https://volusiabailbondsman.com/ .