6 Reasons to Help a Friend Get Out of Jail

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Bail Bonds

Have you received a call from a friend asking for assistance with bail after they were arrested? This is a rare occurrence for most Americans. As a result, you may be unsure about the appropriate course of action for both you and your friend. Should you bail them out of jail, given the financial risk you’re taking? Consider these six compelling reasons to make this vital decision.

1. Your Friend Can Prove Themselves

While the bail system in the United States is intended to ensure that people show up for court hearings, it also has advantages for defendants. A person who is freed on bail but still adheres to all of the regulations demonstrates trustworthiness and dependability. When they go back in front of a judge, this will only help their case.

Furthermore, the defendant may be able to take actions to improve the outcome of their case. They might be able to meet with someone they wronged and make reparation arrangements on their own, offering a positive reference for the judge to consider. This should only happen under the guidance of an attorney.

2. Your Friend Can Work on Their Case

While incarcerated, a person will be unable to meet with their attorney as needed or other important people, as well. It becomes considerably more difficult for them to defend themselves and create a defense as a result of this. When they have more freedom to move around, on the other hand, they might be more proactive in their defense.

3. You Can Assist Your Friend

Different types of crimes necessitate different approaches. Some individuals are sentenced to prison due to a range of personal or mental health issues, such as addiction or excessive alcohol consumption. If they truly require assistance with the underlying problem and are willing to seek it, jail may not be the best place for them.

Bailing out and assisting a willing individual in obtaining the support they require could be the key to a full recovery. Their situation may also have a better outcome if they receive additional therapy and assistance.

4. Your friend is free to live their own life.

A person who is incarcerated is frequently unable to work, care for their children, or be there for their spouse. If your buddy has family responsibilities, is at risk of losing their work, or will fall behind in school if they remain incarcerated, for example, your bail money will aid others who rely on them for income and or care.

5. Your Friend Won’t Incriminate Themselves

When a person is detained, everything they say to anyone — including guards, staff, court personnel, and strangers — might have an impact on the result of their case. They have a considerably lesser danger of saying something detrimental if they are at home and just speak to family members and their lawyer. You’d be defending their case even if they didn’t realize it.

6. Your Friend is in a Better Situation

Simply said, wasting time in jail is not a good idea and your friends physical or emotional health could be jeopardized in jail. And the longer they stay, the more dangerous things could get. This is especially critical if your acquaintance is unprepared for the realities of incarceration or has continuing health problems.

You obviously have solid motives to assist a friend obtain bail. While it can be difficult at times, there are usually more benefits than drawbacks too assisting someone in such a desperate situation. Begin by learning more about how the bail system operates and your rights and obligations. Alliance Bail Bonds in Daytona Beach can assist you. Call right now to speak with a bail bondsman today (386) 257-5116 or visit our website at: https://volusiabailbondsman.com. With many options such as bail by phone, bail online, or bail in person to make the process more convenient.