The 7 Best Ways to Find a Local Bail Bondsman in Daytona

by | Dec 6, 2019 | Bail Bonds

Someone close to you is in jail. You don’t want to leave them there, but you aren’t sure what the best option is in order to get them out. A judge has set bail, but you don’t have that kind of money. What do you do? You’ve heard of bail bonds before but aren’t quite sure how the process works, how to post bail—let alone how to find a local bail bondsman in Daytona Beach. 

If you’re looking for the right way to get a friend or loved one out of jail then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 7 of the best ways to find a local bail bondsman in Daytona Beach. 

How to Find a Local Bail Bondsman in Daytona

As we’ve said, in order to get a loved one out of jail the first thing to do is to find a bail bondsman. We’ve briefly gone over this before in a previous blog post about finding a bail bondsman, but we want to dive in here a little more to help you find the right solution. There are a number of ways to get a bondsman, you don’t just want to Google “Bondsman near me.” Sure, this could pull up a bondsman near you—but you want to make sure that this is the right bondsman to meet the job you need i.e., get your loved one or friend out of jail with the least amount of trouble. 

1. Understand How Bail Bonds Work

Before you begin the pursuit to find a local bail bondsman in Daytona, you need to first understand how the bail bonds process works. Essentially, a bail bond is a contract between the court and the person posting bail. You hire a bondsman to post the bond. They will charge you a fee in exchange for posting the bond with the court. If for any reason the defendant does not show up in court the bondsman must pay the full cost of bail. 

This is why a bond will always require the person posting bail to put down collateral. A bondsman wants to make sure that whoever you assist in the process does not skip out on their court hearing. Collateral is a good assurance. If the person does skip out on their hearing, this could be financially detrimental to you. 

2. Understand the Bail Bond Fees

The fees associated with bail bonds are directed by the department of insurance. Most bail bond fees are 10% of the bail amount. Before hiring a bondsman, make sure you understand the fees completely. 

3. Ask for Recommendations

If you know someone who recently has been through this same process, it doesn’t hurt to ask for advice. They may know a good bondsman who can help or someone who knows of a good bondsman who can help. 

4. Speak to an Attorney

Speak to an attorney, they may know someone who can help. Better yet, speak to the defendant’s attorney. They will likely have the right contacts and know of a good bondsman. 

5. Google 

Use Google and all of its resources to your advantage when investigating and trying to find the best bondsman. Learn everything you can about the bonds process, then begin to do your search for a bondsman near you with a good reputation. 

6. Read Reviews 

Always read reviews. Reviews will help you better assess a bondsman that you are considering choosing to help you with your friend or loved one’s case. Shoot for the 3-star reviews to get a feel for the bondsman. Usually, high reviews and low reviews don’t paint as accurate of a portrayal as the middle of the road reviews. 

7. Confirm Credentials

When trying to find a local bail bondsman in Daytona, you can always check at the state’s licensing department’s website to ensure that the bondsman is legitimate. You can also check the Better Business Bureau, which is an organization that attempts to connect individuals with the right businesses.

Bail Bondsman in Daytona

Now that you know how to find a local bail bondsman in Daytona Beach, we have just what you’re looking for—a highly professional a qualified bail bonds service just for you. Look no further for a bail bondsman. If a friend needs a bail bond in Daytona Beach, our expert bondsmen can help. 

At Alliance Bail Bonds, our office in Daytona Beach is open 24/7. We can assist in getting your friend or loved one out of the county jail as soon as possible. Contact us to start the process.