6 Factors in Determining Bail in Daytona Beach

by | Oct 8, 2019 | Bail Bonds

When you’re in front of a judge, you don’t know what they’re going to decide. We all hope we don’t ever have to end up in a situation where we’re in front of a judge, but sometimes, things happen. Unfortunate situations lead to unfortunate consequences. If you or a loved one are facing an unfortunate situation and happen to be in front of a judge pleading your case, here are 6 factors in determining bail in Daytona Beach, Florida. 

1. Posted Bail Schedules 

A judge will use as a resource a “bail schedule,” which aligns particular crimes with a specified bail amount. A bail schedule will differ county by county, state by state. 

2. The Nature of the Charge

Depending on the crime that the defendant is accused of—this is one way a judge may try and determine the amount for bail. The judge may increase or decrease the bail amount depending on the severity of the crime. Common felony charges like murder can lead to a judge denying bail completely. 

3. Criminal Record

Here’s one of the top factors in determining bail in Daytona Beach: a judge will determine bail based on past history. If the defendant has a criminal record, bail will likely be more expensive than someone who has no record. If the defendant is on parole or probation and ends up in front of a judge, they could be denied bail. 

4. Flight Risk

If there is a chance that a defendant may run because they had previously run before or if the judge for any reason whatsoever might think that the defendant will run, the judge may deny bail. 

5. A Risk to Public Safety.

If there is any chance that the accused is a risk to the public or to public safety, bail may be set at a higher rate or denied. 

6. The Likeliness the Defendant will make it to Court.

Here’s one of the top factors in determining bail in Daytona Beach: a judge will likely set bail at a higher rate for someone who is known to miss court dates

Why Would a Judge Deny Bail in Daytona Beach?

There are circumstances where a judge may decide to deny bail for a defendant. Some of the more common reasons for bail denial are: multiple offenses, flight risk, danger to society or if they committed a heinous crime like murder. 

Getting a Bail Bond in Daytona Beach, Florida 

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