4 Mistakes That Could Land You Back in Jail

by | Mar 8, 2022 | Bail Bonds

After an arrest, you can usually post bail to get out of jail. Sometimes the court will also require pre trial services with the bail bond. The pre trial services officer with have stipulations to follow and they will monitor you. This gives you the opportunity to spend the days leading up to the hearing at home. Not only will you have more time and flexibility to prepare for your hearing, but you will also be less likely to lose your job as a result.

However, there are a number of little errors that can land you in jail again. If you want to learn more, have a look at these four common bail blunders to avoid.

Consuming Alcohol

If you’re arrested for an alcohol-related felony, such as a DUI, your pet trial release agreement may state that you must abstain from consuming alcohol. You may even be subjected to random drug tests to see if you have any alcohol in your system. If your pre trial release arrangement includes an alcohol prohibition, you may be sent back to jail if your pre trial services officer discovers you have used alcohol.

Even if your arrest was not related to drinking or drugs, it’s still a good idea to stay away from alcohol while on pre trial release and bail-bond. Any negative behavior during this time could result in your pre trial release and or bail-bond being revoked by the court. It’s common knowledge that drinking impairs judgment, making you more likely to do something that could lead to an arrest. On a personal note all my worst decisions have been while drunk.

Visiting Certain Friends

It may be smart to avoid some people while you’re on pre trial release and or a bail-bond. In fact, the courts (pre trial services officer) may stipulate you from contacting someone who was also engaged in the offense for which you are charged, especially if you have a history of getting into trouble with that individual. Even if the courts do not forbid it, avoiding specific acquaintances may help you avoid making poor judgments that lead to a return to jail.

In rare situations, you may be forbidden from contacting someone because the pre trial releases conditions include a no-contact order. Your partner may pursue a no-contact order against you if you were arrested for alleged domestic abuse. This means you won’t be able to visit them or communicate with them via text, phone, message, or through a third party. Failure to comply with a no-contact order will almost certainly result in your return to jail.

Quitting Your Job

For a variety of reasons, quitting your work while on pre trial release or a bail-bond is a bad decision. To begin with, it means you’ll have less money to devote to your defense. However, it weakens your ties to the community, which is a significant factor in determining pre trial release and a bail-bond. In fact, many pre trial release terms involve the requirement of obtaining or maintaining employment.

It’s a negative indicator for the courts if you quit your job after being released on pre trial release and or a bail-bond. They may believe you intend to flee the state or country.

Ignoring Your Co-Signer

A co-signer may be required when you obtain a bail bond from a bail bond service. The co-signer commits to pay the loan if you can’t or decide to run, just like any other loan. As a result, the co-signer is driven to see that you adhere to all of the terms and actually show up for your hearing. Naturally, having someone check in on you on a regular basis can be annoying, but you should not disregard or take advantage of your co-signer.

Most of the time, observing the law while on bail is straightforward. You may be required to fulfill various restrictions depending on the type of offense and your personal background. Even if certain activities are not prohibited by your pre trial services officer, they can lead to poor decisions, so please just make smart choices and this all will be behind you. If you have any questions concerning bail and how pre trial services works or need to discuss a bail bond, please contact us, Alliance Bail Bonds at 386-257-5116 or visit our website at https://volusiabailbondsman.com