Are Bail Bonds Public Record in Daytona Beach

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Bail Bonds

If you have a friend or loved one behind bars it can be hard to scour all of the legal red tape to find out the information that you need to post their bail. One such legal red tape is the concern for anonymity. A common question we’ve run into here at Alliance Bail Bonds is: “Are bail bonds public record in Daytona Beach?” 

You may have a good reason for concern about having personal information on the public record for acquiring a bail bond. In a world where privacy is a top worry, it’s nice to know that you are in control of your name and data. 

Here is some information for you based on the common question: “Are bail bonds public record in Daytona Beach?”

Is Bail Bond Information Public Record?

Are bail bonds public record in Daytona Beach? The simple answer: yes. In Daytona Beach, they are public record. But what’s in the record?

Having information for a bond on public record can be concerning for some individuals and companies, particularly if the information a defendant gives to the bail bondsman is released. However, much of the information given to a bondsman is actually not public record. Like attorneys, bail bondsmen in Daytona do have a code of ethics. This requires them to keep specific information confidential. 

Having said that, if there was a pressing court case where relevant evidence was in the hands of the bondsman, a lawyer could obtain a subpoena for the information.

Some general info about the bond will be on public record no matter what you do. This is because it is filed with the court. Some of the information that can be obtained is: 

  • The amount of the bond
  • The charge
  • Who obtained the bond

Bail Bondsmen Code of Ethics

Throughout Florida, bail bondsmen are held to a code of ethics and standards. At Alliance Bail Bonds, we operate with the highest standards possible. We ensure that we are always up to speed with all of our business practices. We go through comprehensive training to ensure that who we serve gets the most dedicated service. 

Bail Bond in Daytona Beach, Florida

So are bail bonds public record in Daytona Beach? Yes. 

Bail bonds are public records and can be found in the clerk’s office of the arresting county. However, to obtain these records, someone would need an open record request. If the record is obtained from the county clerk, the document would contain:

  • The amount of the bond 
  • The charge
  • And the name of the person who obtained the bond

Now that you know the answer, if a person you know needs a bail bond in Daytona Beach, our experienced bondsmen are here to help you with bail. 

At Alliance Bail Bonds, our office in Daytona Beach is open 24/7 so that you don’t need to fret about waiting until office hours to resolve the matter. We can help get your friend or loved one out of the county jail as soon as possible. Contact us to start the process.