4 Reasons to Choose Local Bail Bondsmen

by | Dec 1, 2021 | Bail Bonds

After an arrest your first concern would be how do I post bond as soon as possible? Depending on the crime that you have been charged with, you may be able to get released out of jail by paying a bail amount. If the bond is more than you can afford you can contact us, Alliance Bail Bonds to help you with the bail. Numerous bail bond agencies can help you post bail or help you post bail for a loved one but you want to choose an agency that is professional, has years of experience and will be helpful in your process.

Here are four reasons why a local bail bond agency is better when you want to help a loved one or yourself get out of jail.

  • Close to Jail and Court

When a bail bond agency is too far away from the jail or courts, time spent helping yourself or a loved one increases due to the physical distance. Posting bail and dealing with the jail for the first time is scary and uncertain, you can stress less and have the experience go smoother when your bondsman is conveniently located closer to the jail.

After being arrested, and upon being booked in jail, you or a loved one must wait in jail to be released. With our building being close to the jail you can sign the paperwork quickly and help yourself or a loved one get released much faster. At Alliance Bail Bonds we offer bond by phone and online, just call to get more details.

  • Understands Florida Law

Most people have little knowledge of the bail bond process and how it pertains to Florida laws. You just want to help your family member or friend get out of jail. The last thing you want to happen is have innocent legal mistakes that can threaten your ability to help get someone out of jail.

Here at Alliance Bail Bonds, we are well versed in Florida laws that relate to the bail bond and pretrial process. For example, the minimum non-refundable fee for a bail bond in Florida is any bond up to $1000 has a fee of $100 and any bond over $1001 has a 10% fee, example being a $500 bond has a fee of $100 and a $10,000 bond has a fee of $1000. An agency that charges less than 10% is not honest. Be aware of agencies that touts a relationship with individuals law enforcement or judicial system or first solicits you or your loved ones while they or yourself are in jail. Those agencies reflect a lack of integrity and may be dishonest to say the least.

  • Easy to Communicate With

One important thing in the bail bond process is that your loved one or friend stays in contact with the courts and bondsman. This is to help assure the bail bond agency that your loved one is around and is able to appear in court. Even if it may be inconvenient, having a local bail bond agency makes it easier. At Alliance Bail Bonds they like to call the defendant or Indemenitor aka (co-signer) about upcoming court dates, helping make sure everyone involved knows when and where to be in court. There are other options for pre-trial release but hiring a bail bond agency is the best choice. By using us instead of any government pretrial release methods, you can remove the hurdles that come with perpetual expenses being that a bail bond is a onetime expense. Some government release hurdles can include ankle bracelet monitoring, drug screening, daily checkins, and AA or NA meetings, at your daily financial expense until your case is resolved, along with other invasive conditions that compromise your privacy and discreetness pertaining to your personal life.

No one wants to get arrested, but it happens all the time, even if you aren’t actually guilty. Alliance Bail Bonds offers surety bonds to make the bail process more affordable. Our highly qualified Florida licensed and registered agent can help you obtain a bail bond(s) when your financial situation would otherwise prevent you or loved ones from being released from custody.

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