What to do While Out on Bail

If you just got out of jail thanks to making bail either on your own or through a bail bondsman, then it is time to look toward the future. What do you do now that you are out on bail? The most obvious answer is to attend all your future court dates. There are other things you can do to help you when your court date comes around, and a few things that may be required of you while out on bail. Hopefully you are not planning on needing bail anytime soon, but if you have been recently released on bail and have some time left before your court date, consider these ideas:

Employment: Being employed while on bail is a good idea for when it comes to a court hearing. Maintaining employment shows that you can be responsible.

Sobriety: If your incident involved any form of alcohol or drug abuse, try and avoid these items in the future. There are several programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous to help with issues related to alcoholism.

Anger Management: If your incident involved violence or any form of angry outburst, seek out a therapist out for anger management.

Stay Out of Trouble: Even in the most general sense, try and avoid any trouble that may arise. This includes common things such as getting pulled over for speeding, a non violent domestic dispute, or social activities that may involve alcohol.

Attend to Required Events: Some people are released on bail with no prerequisites besides attending court dates. Others however may have to perform a regular check-in with an appointed official. Sometimes these are allowed to be done over the phone, for others they are to be in person. If for some reason you can not attend one of these required check-ins, call the representative in advance so a different date can be set and will not be put against you.

When someone posts bail for you, they are not giving you a get out of jail free card. They are giving you a second chance so you can move on from whatever it was that got you behind bars in the first place. Don’t waste this opportunity by being reckless or irresponsible. Take it as a chance to improve yourself so you don’t find yourself in this situation again.