Innocent or Guilty?

Someone is sitting behind bars waiting on their bail hopefully getting paid so they can return home. Being the good friend or family member that you are, you start looking at options. There is one concern on your mind though. Even before the court date comes around, you know that your friend is guilty of the crime that they are said to have committed.

Will this affect you at all when paying for the bail? The answer is no. Paying for the bail or for a bail bond is not a wager made on the outcome. The only wager present is rather or not the person shows up for their scheduled court date. Paying the bail and making sure they appear in court are the only requirements you have as far as your friend or family member go. Regardless of the outcome this will also not effect you on any standards or records. Posting bail for someone found guilty will not cause you to fail a potential job interview.

If you paid the court the full bail amount or used collateral, you are obligated to have these things returned to you regardless of the verdict. Rather the person in question is found innocent or guilty and regardless of the sentencing, you have done what is required. The only loss you may experience is from court fees taken from out from the bail posted. This of course does not entitle you to have any premium refunded to you. A premium is charged for the services of paying a bail, and not part of the bail itself.

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