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If you are looking for outstanding Florida Warrants, please give us a call at 386-257-5116 and our staff at Alliance Bail Bond will be happy to  help you out.  Another tool you may find helpful is the free warrant search tool provided by FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement).  The following link will take you directly to their site:


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Frequently Asked Bail Bond Questions:

If you find an outstanding warrant for a loved one and need to secure a bail bond, we realize this process may be new to you.  To help assist you we have put together the following list of questions we are frequently asked during the bail bond process (FAQ’s):

What is a bail bond?

Once someone is  accused of a crime s/he will be arrested and booked into the county jail.  At that time s/he will get fingerprinted, and a mugshot taking.  The officer(s) will ask s/he for a statement.  The courts will then set a bail bond amount and any other stipulations for release from custody.

What is bail?

Bail is a financial agreement on behalf of the defendant to secure their release from jail.  The bail bonding agency will file all documents with the court(s) to guarantee the defendants release from custody.  Once all that happens the bail bond agency that guarantees the defendants release will essentially become their jailer.  They will require the defendant to appear at all court hearings and comply with all other stipulations ordered by the courts until their case is completed.

How do bail bondsmen work?

The bail bond agency works with the person(s) who want to bond a defendant from jail.  The bondsman will charge a fee usually about 10% of the bail bond set by the courts.  The fee is nonrefundable.  The bail bondsman will require some legal paperwork with the person(s) that holds them accountable for up to total amount of the bond if the defendant was to fail to appear in court.  In some cases the bail bondsman will require some form of collateral such as cash in the value of the bond, a mortgage contingency agreement, or anything else of value.

What is collateral?

Collateral is anything of value that the bail bonding agency holds to indemnify themselves from any loss.  The collateral will be returned once the bail bonding agency is exonerated from all liability from the bond(s).

Will collateral be needed?

The bail bondsman will consider each case to determine if any collateral is needed.  In most cases the only collateral needed is signature from the defendant and person(s) guaranteeing the bond.

How long after an arrest will it take before I can bail someone out?

A bond can’t be posted until after the courts have set the bond amount.  This may not happen on the day of the arrest. Once bond has been set and the bondsman posts the bond(s) on behalf of a defendant the jail will process that person out.  The release time varies on many circumstances and also varies between each county jail.  In most cases the defendant is released within a few hours from the time the bond was posted.  We recommend you ask the bondsman when you are speaking to them as they will be most familiar with the procedures for each jail and they will be happy to provide that information to you.


For more information about obtaining a Bail Bond in Volusia County or Flagler County please give us a call at 386-257-5116.  Our bail bonds experts have years of experience and will be happy to make this process easier for you.