Don’t Panic

How do you go about getting a bail bond for someone? Is it a complicated process? You are already frustrated, how much worse is that frustration going to get? Luckily for anyone in this situation, going through a bail bondsman can be a simple progress. Instead of adding extra stress to an already stressful situation, bail bond companies such as Alliance make the entire set-up simple and fast. With an understanding of how chaotic a time like this can be for someone, Alliance makes it a point not to take you through any loops or tricks when it comes to bail.

So what does it take to bail someone out of jail with a company such as Alliance Bail Bonds? It is as simple as following these 4 easy steps.

  • Contact: The first step naturally is contacting Alliance. The person being detained can contact Alliance directly and give them your name and number. Alliance will then contact you with the details of the bail. The person can also contact you directly and you can go to Alliance with the detained person’s first and last name, date of birth, where they are being detained, and their middle initial if applicable.
  • Paperwork: Once you have have either contacted or been contacted by Alliance, you then can come to the office located at 3668 W. Int’l Speedway Blvd in Daytona Beach to fill out the required paperwork to complete the bond.
  • Pick Up: Once the paperwork is signed, you may go to where the person in question is being detained and retrieve them. You will not be required to show any paperwork for this step, the bail agent will have contacted the center with the bail and information required. It can vary on how long it may take for them to be released, typically though it is a quick process.
  • Finish Up: Once the person in question has been released from custody, you simply bring them to Alliance Bail Bonds to sign their part of the paperwork and they are free to leave. They can go home, return to work, everything they normally do as long as they attend all of their court dates.

If you have a loved one or close friend who is in need of bail, come to Alliance and we will work with you on posting bail for them. If you have more questions about posting bail for a friend or loved one, give one of the most trust Daytona Beach bail bonds services a call at 386-257-5116.