Bail Bonds: A History of Change

The practice of bail bonds has been around for centuries, far before the modern world. The act of imprisonment dates back even further, and the regulations that govern both have changed extensively ever since. Where once the practice of imprisonment and the court system in general could be considered cruel and unjustified, the modern day prison system is bound by certain laws and regulations that create a much more fair and humane judicial system.

Before being placed in the hands of judges, the job of deciding a bail amount, and if bail was even given was in the hands of several different individuals. In England it was first in the hands of the sheriffs to decide if bail would be set. This allowed some to abuse their power until a statute better defined bailable and non-bailable offenses. The job of handling the issue of bail and bail amounts would eventually fell upon the judges. Without a proper system of checks and balances or regulation, the amounts issued for bail could range from reasonable to being simply impractical.

As we came to the modern age of man and his judicial system we created a more efficient way of handling the law and the offenders of. One change made in the system of appointing bail can be found in the 8th Amendment to the Bill of Rights. In this Amendment it was stated that “Excessive bail ought not to be required”. With this new amendment, placed beside the system of government that had been put into place by and for the American people allowed a much more reasonable and effective system of court. Some changes and regulations have occurred since, but all built upon the ideas expressed in the 8th Amendment. When these changes are combined with the bail bond services of today, including those from companies such as Daytona Beach’s Alliance Bail Bonds, people are given new and better opportunities to post bail before their court date.

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