Advantages of a Bail Bondsman

By acting as a guarantor to the court system, the bail bondsman affirms to the state or county that the individual will show up to his or her court dates. In addition to this guarantee, the ability to be released from jail prior to the individual’s court date enables the court system to operate their jails without facing severe overcrowding. The withholding of these individuals from jail, thus enables the court system to cut back on costs, related to food for example, that would otherwise be needed if the individual was held in jail until trial.

Bail bondsmen also have access to certain securities that are required to furnish the bond to the court; these securities are available 24/7, even if the creditor is closed. This availability is made possible due to securing special arrangements with credit providers; these arrangements are used to access a line of credit outside of a business operating hours.

The ability to access a line of credit enables the defendant to be released within hours of presenting the bond to the court. That being said, the primary advantage of a bail bondsman is that the agency or individual saves the defendant and his or her family from having to post the entire bail on their own.

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