Bail Bonds in South Daytona, FL

What to Know About Bail and Bail Bonds in South Daytona

When you’re arrested, you usually have the choice of staying in jail or posting bail and being released until your court date. To be freed on bail, you must usually post money or collateral. Because many people do not have substantial sums of money on hand, bail bond providers offer surety bonds, which were previously known as bail bonds. If you would want to know more about bail bonds, keep reading.

Your lawyer may be able to negotiate a lower bail amount for you.

Most common crimes have pre-determined bail amounts, while others may need a bond hearing when a judge determines a reasonable bail sum. If your bond is set excessively high, your lawyer might request a bail reduction hearing.

In most circumstances, your lawyer will invoke the Eighth Amendment of the US Constitution, which bars excessive bail. They may do so by demonstrating that you are neither a danger to the community or a flight risk. They may even claim that the Volusia County Court set bail so high that it is effectively a denial of bail since you are unable to pay it.

Of course, judges aren’t obligated to reduce bail simply because you can’t pay it, so your lawyer will have to demonstrate that you’ll be a good citizen while you wait for your trial.

Bail bonds are available in two types: secured and unsecured.

Secured bail bonds are exactly what their name implies. In some situations, a bail bondsman will want collateral in addition to the 10% charge, but in most cases, you will only need to supply a competent co-signer. A secure bond is one in which a bail bondsman requires genuine collateral as security to be kept by the bondsman in this case. With a secured bail bond, you must deposit collateral (a car, property, cash, jewelry, etc.) as a guarantee to appear at your hearing and as security if you fail to appear at your hearing and the bail bond agent loses the bond money they put on your behalf. They can, at the least, sell your collateral to compensate the court for their losses.

You don’t need any collateral with an unsecured bail bond, so it’s a better option if you don’t possess any property or anything of worth. These unsecured bail bonds are accepted by your bail bond agent as a written promise to appear in court instead of collateral. Most of the time, these are only employed for minor offenses. If someone is charged with murder in South Daytona Beach, they will not be eligible for an unsecured bond.

Bail Bonds may necessitate the use of a cosigner.

If you ask for an unsecured bail bond, there’s a good possibility you’ll require a cosigner. The unfortunate reality is that bail bond agents have no idea who you are or how trustworthy you are. As a result, they’ll want someone who knows you and will stand by you with a commitment that you’ll show up for all of your hearings.

If you choose to flee, the bail bond agent will seek payment from your cosigner for the money you owe for forfeiting the bail bonds. If your cosigner believes you won’t show up for your hearing, they can easily contact the bail bond agent and ask to be released from the bond. You will be sent back to jail as a result of this, which is known as off-bonding.

You Must Be Willing to Pay Your Bond Fees

The bail bond agency will be exonerated from any future liability by the courts if you attend all of your hearings and follow all of the requirements set down by the court, which means your co-signer will be exonerated as well. Of course, the bail bond agent would want 10% of the total bail amount as payment for their services. The court or the bondsman does not reimburse this 10%, and it is not refundable under Florida law.

Bail bonds are frequently the only means for people to get out of jail in order to fully prepare for their court appearance. Contact Alliance Bail Bonds at 386-257-5116 or visit our website at for additional information or to request a bail bond in South Daytona Beach.