Bail Bonds in Port Orange, FL

Things You Need to Know About Getting a Bail Bond in Port Orange Florida

Being arrested and held in a jail or detention center is not a joyride. Unless you have been held for a serious or violent crime, odds are you are able to be released out on bail. However, before you contact a family member or friend to post your bail there are a few things you need to understand first.

  • How Bail Is Determined

Once you have been arrested in Volusia County, you will be booked into the Volusia County Branch Jail (VCBJ), and your bail will be immediately assigned from the bail schedule utilized by the arresting agency. In some cases where bail was not available immediately after booking, the law requires you appear before a judge within 24 hours of your arrest. This is called first-appearance and any time you are arrested in Florida this happens, which includes Volusia County. At this hearing the judge will go over your bond, now if you had a bond prior to first-appearance you can post bond before and your first-appearance is canceled and the courts will notify you of your next court date. At first-appearance the judge will then decide whether to grant you bail and how much that bail will be set to and if you already have bail in place the judge will go over it. If the crime is more serious the higher the bail amount will be. The judge will also take in account criminal history, court appearance history, and how strong your ties are to the community when considering bail amount.

  • How to Post Bail

To post bail you can either pay the full amount to the courts yourself in cash, or have a friend or family member pay if for you, which would mean if you have a $5,000 bail that would have to be paid in full in cash to the courts. In most cases the bail is to expense to pay on your own so you hire Alliance Bail Bonds located in Daytona Beach and ten minutes from Port Orange, Florida. Then you’ll having to only pay a small fraction of the full amount being 10% or $100 whichever is greater on each bail bond posted. When the bail bond(s) are too large, it may not be possible to pay the full fee so you would use Alliance Bail Bond’s highly qualified licensed agents to help you out where we offer flexible payment options please just contact our office for more details

  • Indemintor aka Co-Signer

Not everyone will meet the requirements to be able to purchase a bail bond on their own and will need an indemintor aka co-signer which means one who indemnifies. The co-signer will be responsible for the bond should the defendant fail to appear in court and therefore becoming responsible for the full bail bond(s) amount or any cost to apprehend the defendant plus any transportation cost to be returned back to the jurisdiction of original case.

The first thing you should do is call the Alliance Bail Bonds and ask them what they require. Then you can contact your friends and family about co-signing for a bond. Once you have found the best person or people to help you, give them our number at Alliance Bail Bonds at (386)-257-5116 and also give us your co-signers information so we can quickly get things started for you.

  • How Long Until You Get Out of Jail

Paperwork involved in the arrest process takes time. The paperwork to release a prisoner on bail takes some more time. You can ask us if the bail has been posted to ease your mind, but do not count on the time when you will be released. Some jail releases people on a schedule. Just try to relax and wait for your turn to be released, for example in VCBJ it take anywhere from two to six hours for release once bond has been posted.

The whole process of the arrest, first-appearance if needed, and posting of bail can be stressful. The important thing to remember is that you are going to be released. Contact Alliance Bail Bonds in and around Port Orange Florida at (386)-257-5116 we will work with you and your co-signer to ensure you get out of jail as quickly as possible.