Bail Bonds in Lake Helen, FL

What to Expect If You’re Charged With a Crime in Lake Helen, Florida

You may not expect to be charged with a crime, yet it is possible that it will happen to you at some point. An arrest can occur fast in many settings, causing panic, perplexity, and anxiety.

The best way to prepare for a circumstance like this is to understand the process before it occurs. Know what to expect ahead of time to make the process go more smoothly and reduce your fear and confusion.

Interacting With Police

Interactions with police can be uncomfortable and upsetting, whether you are arrested at the scene of the crime, such as getting pulled over for driving while intoxicated, or you are arrested at home on a warrant.

If you are arrested in Lake Helen, Florida, however, remember to follow the officer’s directions. Maintain as much calm as possible to avoid the arrest becoming more serious.

Getting Booked Into Jail

The police officer will take you to the Volusia County Branch Jail after you have been arrested, where you will be booked and processed for the alleged offenses. Your fingerprints and photograph will be taken, and a case file for your charges will be opened. Your bail will be set during the arrest/booking process, you will be placed in a holding cell while awaiting the first appearance hearing.

Keep in mind that everybody charged with a crime has the right to legal representation, so unless you arrange for bail first, you will be able to contact your attorney while in jail. It would be in your best advantage to speak with an attorney before the initial hearing if you do not arrange for bail. If you are unable to afford an attorney, the court will appoint one for you.

Attending the Bail Bond Hearing

Bail is money promised to the court in exchange for your release, and you must appear for all scheduled court hearings. The bail bondman and you are released from any future duties to the court once you have completed all of your required court appearances.

The amount of your bond is determined by the offense for which you have been accused; the more serious the offense, the higher the bail. Likewise, if it is found that you are likely to depart the country, the bail sum may be increased.

Being Released on Bail

Your bail amount will be determined during the arrest/booking process described above. You will need to contact a local bail bondman after the booking process to arrange your bail and have it posted immediately. Following the posting of the bond, you will be released from custody. You will only be required to pay the state regulated charge of 10% of the total bail amount or $100 whichever is greater per bond posted if you arrange for bail through a bail bondsman.

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