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Bail Payment Options in Ponce Inlet, Florida

When you’re a suspect in a crime and have to deal with the police, your stress level skyrockets. You may be incarcerated in the county jail until you can establish your innocence if things escalate to the point where you are arrested for a crime. However, if you do not constitute a danger to yourself or others, and the judge is reasonably confident that you will appear in court, you may be eligible for bail. Here is when bail bonds in Ponce Inlet may help.

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Ponce Inlet, Florida, has a bail schedule in place for simple offenses like not paying a traffic ticket or small larceny, as well as most felonies. You can make bail arrangements as soon as you can make a phone call and have been charged with a crime on the bail schedule. If your offense isn’t on the list, you’ll have to wait to see a judge and have the bail amount set.

You might not have enough money to pay a bail bond. Fortunately, you can contact a bail bond agency such as to get the bail posted for you. For this service, the bond agency will charge a fee determined by the state of Florida. The charge is usually a percentage of the bail amount and is due before the bond agreement is written. The cost in Florida is either 10% or $100, whichever is greater. If the difficulty persists, discuss your options with Alliance Bail Bond. Here are some of the possibilities.

Loan and Payments

The bond agency may be able to work out a payment plan with you. If the bail bondsmen are unable to do so, you might sign paperwork saying that you will obtain a loan from another source as soon as you are freed. While this may not be the ideal alternative, it will be worth it if it is the only way out of jail.

If you don’t fulfill the requirements for a bond on your own, you can have a family member or friend sign the bond as a co-signer. Of course, you’ll have to find someone to co-sign with you, and you’ll have to figure out a payment plan with them. You might be able to have them accept a portion of the bond charge and put you on a payment plan for the rest if you have a significant percentage of the bond fee.


When the bail is exceedingly expensive and there is a chance of the bond money being lost owing to heightened flight factors, a bond agency will usually ask for collateral. Most bonds, on the other hand, can be granted without collateral* if you have a co-signer or meet the bond’s conditions yourself.

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The most crucial thing to remember during the bail-bonding procedure is that you will be released. This allows you time to organize your life and care for your family while going to court. If you find yourself incarcerated in Ponce Inlet, Florida contact Alliance Bail Bond. We’ll work with you to get you out of jail and back into your life as soon as possible. Our phone 386-257-5116.