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In Oak Hill, Florida, your loved one has been arrested for drug possession. So, what’s next?

Nobody wants to learn that a loved one has been arrested for drug possession in the middle of the night in Oak Hill, Florida. However, it is something that can, sadly, happen. What can you do to make sure they’re safe? You can get them out of jail immediately and start their recovery process by using bail bonds in Oak Hill, FL.

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You’ll need to figure out which jail your loved one is in and how much their bond is after you know they’re in jail. If they called you right away, it’s possible they hadn’t yet been advised of their bail bond amount. Unless it is a domestic violence or capital criminal case, they will be assigned a bail bond amount from the uniform bail bond schedule during the jail booking process.


The amount of drugs your loved one was reportedly in possession of at the time of their arrest determines the amount of bail bond your loved one will receive. Even if your relative or friend reportedly had a little amount of drugs on them, their bail could be set at tens of thousands of dollars. The majority of folks do not have this amount in cash.

However, getting your loved one out of jail is necessary. A bail bond agency is the answer. A bail bondsman can work to get your loved one out of jail as soon as possible for 10% of the bail amount, or $100, whichever is more. Not only will Alliance Bail Bond bondsman post the bail for you, but they can also assist you through the full process of getting your loved one back home, into drug treatment, and connected with a variety of other county programs to help your loved one overcome their addiction.


You might wish to hire a private attorney if you’re charged with drug possession in Oak Hill , Florida. Many people, however, are eligible for a public defender. For those who earn less than a particular amount of money, public defenders are available. Any legal case can be exceedingly costly to defend; if you qualify, a public defender will represent you for free or small fee.

It’s estimated that defending against a misdemeanor may cost up to $5,000, while defending against a felony might cost up to $30,000. And, of course, the more intricate your case is, the higher the cost.

If you want to be able to hire an attorney, the same is even more of a reason to utilize our bail bond agency to bail you out of jail for only a tenth of the whole bail bond fee. This allows you to use the rest of your cash on hand to pay for your private lawyer’s fees. At Alliance Bail Bonds we always recommend our clients speak with a few lawyers before making any decisions, because you never know what the cost may be without speaking to some.


When you bail someone out, you are responsible for their bond(s), so make sure they have transportation to court. If your loved one fails to appear for any of their scheduled court hearings while out on bail, both they and you will be held accountable for the whole bond sum if they don’t get that failure to appear fixed. Not only that, but your loved one will have an arrest warrant issued against them, and the sheriffs will be aggressively looking for and arresting your loved one for missing court and forfeiting the bail bond.

You can avoid this by ensuring that they appear in court as scheduled. If they are unable to come due to a justifiable reason, you should notify your bondsman and court as soon as possible. The courts are very easy to work with as long as you communicate with all parties involved.


If a loved one is arrested for drug possession, they will require assistance in recovering from their addiction. Introduce your loved one to a substance abuse treatment program to ensure they receive the help they require.

Drug addiction affects a large number of people. It can be tough for them to stay sober without assistance. Here is a link to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration for more resources, https://www.samhsa.gov/find-help/national-helpline.

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A drug possession accusation is serious enough on its own, but if your loved one is later proven guilty, it means they will need assistance in recovering. At Alliance Bail Bonds, the goal is not only to get people out of jail, but also to keep them out of trouble in the future. To learn more about our bail bond company’s aftercare and support, contact us immediately at 386-257-5116.