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Every state has different guidelines that bail bond agencies must follow. If someone you know has been arrested in Edgewater, Florida, or surrounding areas such as Oak Hill, Bethune Beach, here is something you should know.

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Bail Bond Fees

The fee a bail bondsman can charge is set per Florida Statute 648.33. In the state of Florida, the set bond rate is 10% of the bail or $100 whichever one is greater. For example, if someone has a DUI bail of $5,000, then the bail bond fee would cost $500.

The rate for bail bonds are set into the state law. This means the bail bond agency cannot reduce the rate, if an agency offers a reduction on the set state rate, they are breaking the law and if you accept the reduced rate, you may have comprised the release of the person you are posting bond for.  Alliance Bail Bonds a trusted bail bond agency in Daytona Beach, Florida always abides by the state set rate. We are always willing to help with payment plans when needed.

The only exception to the bail bond rate is if the bail amount is lower than $1,000. A minimum $100 dollar charge is always in effect. So, even if 10% of a $700 bail amount is only $70, you must pay a minimum of $100 fee.

Warrant walk thru.

If you learned that there is a warrant for your arrest, you are in a position to get all your affairs in order before dealing with the warrant.  At this time you call Alliance Bail Bonds to process the bail before you go to Volusia County Branch Jail (VCBJ) so you have the fastest release possible. That means all paperwork is filled out ahead of time and the bail bondsman goes directly to the jail once booked in. The jail then takes fingerprints and a picture of the arrested person, and then in most cases they quickly release the person without any time in a cell.


For DUI arrests in Volusia County, Florida and most other places throughout the United States a person will spend extra time in jail.  The reason, all DUI arrests require a minimum jail time of eight hours before they can be release on bond. So, if you hire a Alliance Bail Bonds ahead of time to begin the paperwork so that when the eight hours is up you can be quickly released.

Repayment Plans

As you work with a bail bond agency, you have multiple options to help pay for the bond fees. Cash and checks are accepted, along with credit card payments. You even have the option of a payment plan, but the total fee must be paid in full as Florida tracks all bail bond payments.

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