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If You’re Arrested for a DUI in Debary, Florida, Here’s What to Expect!

Being pulled over is stressful at any time, but if you’ve had a few drinks, you may be concerned about a DUI. If you want to be more prepared, read on to learn what to expect if you’re pulled over for a suspected DUI in Debary, Florida.

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Sobriety Tests in the Field

If an officer suspects you of driving while intoxicated, they will ask you to undertake a series of field sobriety tests to see if you are impaired. The walk-and-turn test is one of the most well-known field sobriety tests. The officer will ask you to walk in a straight line from heel to toe throughout this exam. You turn around and walk back at the end of the walk.

Meanwhile, the officer is looking for symptoms of impairment, such as stopping in the middle of a stroll and stretching out your arms to support yourself. The one-leg-stand test is another useful test. Your equilibrium will be tested by the officer. You will most likely be jailed if you fail these tests or refuse to take them (which are your right).

Tests for alcohol in the blood

The police officer may also ask you to do a breathalyzer test, which is a sort of blood alcohol content (BAC) test, in addition to field sobriety testing. You will blow into a gadget that will measure the level of alcohol in your system if you accept to take the breathalyzer test. If you refuse to take the breathalyzer test, you will almost certainly be arrested and booked in the Volusia County Branch Jail (VCBJ) located in Daytona Beach, FL.</p<

It’s worth noting that if a driver is involved in a traffic accident that results in injury or death, and the officer has probable cause to believe that the driver is impaired, the driver must submit to a BAC test, and if they refuse, Florida Law allows law enforcement to forcefully obtain a BAC from them regardless.


If you’re arrested, you’ll have to go through the booking process, which begins with gathering important details like your name, residence, and suspected offence. A mug shot will be taken of you, and the officer will take your fingerprints. Your personal belongings and clothing may be taken away and replaced with a jail uniform.

You’ll also be subjected to a full-body search (which is an intrusive procedure) to ensure you’re not concealing any weapons or drugs. The cops will also conduct a health check to ensure that you do not require medical assistance and will search for any outstanding warrants. After you’ve been booked, you’ll be taken to a holding cell until your hearing or until you post bail.

Bail Hearing

Most offences have a specified bail amount, and minor offenses may result in you being released on your own recognizance. You may not have to wait for a bail hearing in certain situations. Many people, on the other hand, must attend a bail hearing to learn if they are eligible for bail and how much it would cost.

Many factors impact whether or not you are eligible for bail and how much it will cost. If this is your first offense, you have a lengthy history in the community, and the crime was minor, your bond will be less than that of a repeat offender who committed a significant crime and is a known flight risk. If bail is granted, the judge may impose restrictions such as abstaining from alcohol or attending addiction treatment. If you are eligible for bail you can contact us at Alliance Bail Bonds to go over the bail and bond process.

Official Trial

Even if you have been freed on bond, you must still appear in court for your formal trial. If you don’t, you forfeit your bail money, the judge will issue a bench warrant for your arrest, and the bail bond agent will be responsible with finding you, detaining you, and returning you to jail.

The state’s duty during your trial will be to prove you’re guilty of driving under the influence, and they’ll use the field sobriety and BAC tests you did to do so. You may face jail time and penalties if you are found guilty. Your bail bond obligation to your bondsman is satisfied regardless of the outcome, as long as you attend your hearing and follow the conditions.

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It’s terrifying to be arrested. Fortunately, most people do not have to wait for their hearing in jail. For more information on our bail bonds in Debary, Florida, contact us at Alliance Bail Bonds.  We are open 24 hours a day/ 365 days a year. Call us at (386) 257-5116.